মুক্তি যুদ্ধে নয় মাস
Publisher: Ahmed Publishing House
First Publications: June, 1972
ISBN. 984-11-0326-5

মুক্তি যুদ্ধে নয় মাস
 written by Major General (Retd.) Shubid Ali Bhuiyan, MP is the first book written about Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971.  A freedom fighter, Bhuiyan writes his liberation war experience in this book. A fact based book, written and published in June 1972, Bhuiyan narrates his personal experience and scarifies he and his fellow freedom fighters made to liberate Bangladesh against the Pakistani aggressors. This is a must read book for all Bangladeshis.

Shubid Ali Bhuiyan believes that it is very important for young generation of Bangladesh to know the true history of 1971 liberation war. So Bhuiyan is giving away this book for free. To request your FREE copy, please contact us and provide your postal address. We will mail the book to you.